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Hospital Claims  

Mr. Singh comes from a family of medical professionals. His father was a Medical Doctor and mother was a Registered Nurse. Mr. Singh's father was the founder and CEO of a Medical School in St. Kitts / Nevis - Grace University School of Medicine - a designated United Nations "WHO - World Health Organization." As a young child, Mr. Singh would see his father practice medicine first hand in the islands of the Caribbean rendering health care to the sick and poor. 


Mr. Singh understands the importance of knowing the science of medicine and the hyper-technical medical billing codes in prosecuting a PIP suit. Mr. Singh has defended some of the Nation’s largest PIP Automobile Insurance Carriers as their lead Civil Trial Defense Counsel in high stakes insurance matters. In the course of his legal career, he has taken to verdict several PIP cases. Neil understands the process of PIP insurance in Florida and can tell you how does pip insurance work for you.

Also, Mr. Singh litigated and served as a Managing Attorney with litigation responsibility for over 6000 Personal Injury Protection - PIP suits. He has secured numerous published Final Summary Judgments Orders in County and Circuit Courts, published District Court of Appeals rulings and successfully obtained large recoveries for his clients.  


Finally, Mr. Singh brings this seasoned and proven legal track record to the court room and in the trenches fighting for proper payment of the insured's medical bills under Florida's No Fault Law and against the powerful insurance industry. 


  • Wrongfully denied Provider & Insured PIP claims

  • Underpaid Provider & Insured PIP claims

  • Emergency Medical Conditions denials

  • Peer review denials / EMC Peer Review denials

  • 14 day rule denials

  • IME Cut offs denials

  • EUO No Shows denials

  • Medicare Fee Schedule Reductions

  • Untimely billing denials

  • Improper Exhaustion of Benefits

  • 2% Reduction 

  • NCCI Edits

  • OPPs

  • MPPR -Multiple Payment Procedure Reductions 

  •  Representing Medical Providers response - 6(b) requests

  • Defending Medical Providers on Insurers Affirmative Actions

  • Alleged Fraud denials

  • Assignment of benefits issues

  • Unbundling/upcoding issues

  • CPT Code - consultation

  • Representing Medical Providers in SIU Investigations

  • Notice of Initiation of Medical Treatment

  • Standard Disclosure & Acknowledgement issues

  • Insurer Bad Faith Claims

  • Insurer Unfair /Deceptive Trade Practices

  • Representation of Insured/Claimants for EUOs

  • Prosecuting PIP Civil Jury Trials 



CALL: 954-603-0568



*Admitted to FL, NY & NJ Bars

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